The base of band BASTA Trio is Tábor, town located in South Bohemian region. That is where we met, where we know each other and where we play and perform together. We occasionally try to enrich our standard team by some vocals or percussion.

Our band enchants with original arrangements, as well as distinctive sound. Folklore, jazz or classical music is very close to our hearts. While listening to our performance you can find yourselves by Czech dumplings, Finnish lakes or Slovak mountain.

Classic guitar player and soloist Vojtěch Vrtiška graduated at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under leadership of worldwide known guitar virtuoso, composer and educator, prof. Štěpán Rak. Besides BASTA trio, Vojta plays in several bands, and he also a guitar teacher. Not only himself, but also his students achieve great success.

Violin soloist Stanislav Fakan – finised his studiesat elementary School of Arts in Prievidza under leadership of famous violin player Vladimír Štefan. He continued his musical career at Žilina conservatory, afterwards in Topolčany and Bánská Bystrica. Nearly from his childhood he was performing with his own band, as well as with folklore groups. For many years he was a member of a famous Slovak blues band. These experiences are reflecting in his musical activities until these days.

Esko Mäkinen is a musician and composer from Finland. His main instrument is contrabass, although he began to learn it in the 80s. During his time in Finland, he was composing music for theater, as well as for mixed choirs, which he directed himself for many years. Nowadays Esko lives in the Czech Republic. You can also notice him with other Tábor or Prague musicians.

Martin Smažík, drummer from musical family in Tábor is a frequent guest in BASTA Trio. You might have noticed him as random member of Prague orchestra „Bezdrev“. The sound of his cajon aids another new perspective to the remarkable listener’s experience.

Come to hear us and find out for yourselves – we are looking forward to playing for you.