BASTA trio base is Tábor, city situated in Southern Bohemia. The band will grip you with unconventional arranges and distinctive sound. No matter whether you love jazz, swing, classics or folklore, you will definitely love their music.

Mysterious ways of faith somehow joined together musicians of remarkable skills.

Vojtěch Vrtiška – classic guitar player and soloist – finished his studies at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under leadership of worldwide known guitar virtuoso, composer and educator, prof. Štěpán Rak. Besides BASTA trio, Vojta takes part in several bands, such as „Sanity Guitar Duo“, „Latin Jazz Quartet“ and others. Besides that he also teaches guitar and not only himself, but also his students achieve great success.

Stanislav Fakan – violin soloist – after finishing his studies at School of Arts in Prievidza with the help of famous violin player Vladimír Štefan, continued his career at Žilina conservatory under leadership of famous violin player and educator Ľubomír Kudja, and afterwards also in Topolčany and Bánská Bystrica. From his early years he used to perform with his own band, as well as with folklore groups. These experiences are reflecting in his musical activities until these days.

Radek Růžička – „underground-blues“ bass player, also plays his unreplaceable role in the band. He started his bass player career in BASTA trio, being previous solo-guitar player, but if you want to play with Vojta, you would rather choose another instrument than guitar. Not speaking about the fact that there’s not a great number of bass players in Tábor, therefore his decision turned out to be quite reasonable. In the past he performed with many foreign musicians, e.g. Philipp Tristan (FR), and also took place in original projects, such as „Starý psi a mladý kočky (Old Dogs and Young Cats)“ with Ivan Kubát, and „Tetovaný prdele (Tattooed Butts)“ with Jiří Vágner.

Martin Smažík – former hosting drummer – also recently became a new regular member of the band. You might have noticed him as random member of Prague orchestra „Bezdrev“ and the sound of his cajon adds another new perspective to the remarkable listener’s experience.

Interesting guests, such as foreign musicians and singers are rather common bonus taking part in band’s venues.

Come to hear us and find out for yourselves – we are looking forward to playing for you.